What is RPM And how to Install A Software in Linux ???

Install A Software in Linux Via RPM and YUM Linux supports RPM(RedHat Package manager) for installing a software. Red hat Linux , Fedora & all other red hat based distributions uses rpm for installation of packages. That packages have extension like .rpm  That .rpm file  contains an application/Software in complied format. And only RPM tool know how to open and… Read more →

10 best smart phone in the world.

List of the best smart phone you can buy it.   iPhone 8 plus iPhone 8 plus was announced in September,2017. The operating system is iOS v11 and the sim slot is Single sim,GSM. The height and width is 158.4 mm and 78.1 mm.  Weight of iPhone 8 Plus is 202 grams .It is available in Gold, Silver, Space Grey.… Read more →

Top 10 Linux Useful Command and Usage

Let me take an opportunity to introduce few Linux Useful Command and Usage which are used in  Linux for basic Troubleshooting.   Lets start with  Top 10 Linux Useful Command 1. Du Command Used to Find out which Directory in Given path have maximum data. Command Name : du- Summarize disk usage of each FILE, recursively for directories.   Command… Read more →

Script for taking Daily backup and compress files for Linux Boxes

Linux Shell scripting is necessary part with Linux and application support activities . In this Post i am sharing you script which is successfully running with jboss version 6.1.   That script will save output in file and will send it over email. #!/bin/sh ##### SCRIPT CREATED AND MAINTAINED BY #<Keshav Piplani> ###### #####FOR ANY QUERIES PLEASE CONTACT <keshavpiplani@gmail.com> ######… Read more →

How to check Threads of any process in Linux

View threads of a process in Linux Server. Do you know we can also check thread details on Linux System Level via using multiple commands. Let me show you it with example. You can use  ps command we have “-T” Option which will show you threads view, eg: ps -T -p 11629 PID SPID TTY TIME CMD 11629 11629 ?… Read more →

Configuring Webserver on Linux…

Before telling you how to configure Web server Let me introduce what is WebServer. As name suggest “Server which serves Web Requests”. In technical terms we can say  A Computer System which process request via http or https, called Webserver.   Configure Webserver on LINUX Please follow Below steps for installing Apache webserver Their are 2 ways of installing apache… Read more →

Lets Check What’s New in iPhone X

    Apple Always comes with some different features…. So everyone eagerly waits for New iPhone Launch. iPhone Just Launched iPhone X with superb features 😉     iPhone X (pronounced “iPhone Ten”) names because the 10th anniversary Apple iPhone is here, First Ever iPhone was introduced in June 2007 Lets talk about Design iPhone X’s edge-to-edge display and believe me  Its… Read more →