Temporary Mail Box – Send/Receive email without telling your identity

Temporary Mail Box


What is Temporary Mail and Why we need a  temporary email address  while we already have email address  registered on our name ?

Because we don’t want our mailbox to get full with spam email and with promotions. In today’s world when we are going to check any blog and any of websites, They offers us option for subscribe now.

After Subscribing we got content access.
And after that our mailbox start  filling up spam emails, marketing and promotions.


But their is a way to get rid of such things. We can use Temporary Mail Box.

Sites like MailForSpam ,TempMailBox and Guerrilla Mail offers such type of Mail Box.

Where we can just simply check and get available id in less than 10 sec.


Our mailbox is ready for receiving and sending email.

Advantage of using Temporary MailBoxes

  • You can hide your real identity by using such Mailbox
  • You saved yourself by Email Marketers and Spam promotions.
  • No need to worry about your original email box Space utilization.
  • No registration required , You are always one click away from your temporary email box.
  • Saved your self from Phishing attack if you are communicating with Unknown Person.


You can use those mail boxes for spamming your friends Inbox as well  and Sending number of email to irritate them.

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