What is HTML ??? How it can help in making a Website , Promoting your business and earn Money from your website

If you are looking for making a website then please keep in mind if you have coding knowledge then go with HTML, PHP , CSS and Java script.

If you don’t have much knowledge then Please refer to some website builders like go-daddy or wix.com  or Download and  use WordPress sites.


Let me introduce you What is HTML

HTML : HTML is Hypertext Markup Language , if you want to make a Simple website which does not have to work on Dynamic data.
Like Output on website is dynamic and dependent of input.
In Simple word,

if your website is just only for serving Static pages. No variables and Dynamic output required, Then HTML is the best choice for you.

HTML code have extension like HTML and  can be edited on simple Notepad.

<!DOCTYPE html>

<title>Title of Page</title>

<h1>For Heading we have Tag h1-h6  </h1>
<p>P Tag for paragraph </p>


  •  <!DOCTYPE html>defines this document to be HTML
  •  <html>  Root element of  page
  •  <head> Head contains Meta information over Web Page level.
  •  <title> contains Title of the Page.
  •  <body> All the visible content will come under body tag.
  •  <h1>   Large heading is h1 and small is h6.
  •  <p>  defines paragraph.


Relevant Syntax is like :

<tagname>All content will go here</tagname>


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